Private Hospitals

Etiquette Recruitment and Staffing (ERS) Private Hospital service supplies care and nursing staff to cover temporary shortages or to cover peaks in workload.  We have all read about the staff shortages in the NHS but equally the private sector struggles from time to time with maintaing a full compliment of staff resources. By the nature of the industry sector many staff look to move on and where ERS fits in is we have a reliable and professional resource which we can supply at short notice.  The resource can be qualified nurses or care assistants and obviously the rates will vary but we can cover and facilitate most requests.  We can also work with the patient and assist in their transition from the hospital back to their home thus releasing much needed beds.

If you wish to discuss what we can do in more detail please either contact us via telephone and discuss with our management team or alternatively drop us an email and we will call you back at a convenient time.

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