Recruitment and Staffing

Our staff are locally sourced, interviewed, managed and specifically recruited for their proven track record, experience in a range of specialised areas and ability to respond on demand.

We take pride in ourselves as being a “quality driven” firm.

We dedicate time in making sure that we match the right skills, qualification, and experience with needs.

Recruitment Services Compliance

We ensure candidate compliance with statutory requirements and industry standards. We carry out Face to face interviews and the checking of credentials and qualifications for each candidate as mandatory steps in recruitment. We recruit and train staff especially for this key activity to ensure the safety and security of our selection processes. Our agency service is fast, efficient and conforms to the highest industry standards for safety.

Recruitment Services Management

The management and placement of temporary staff with our clients for assignments is the primary work of our consultant’s teams. They are experienced in developing an understanding of our clients’ staffing needs, and then carefully selecting from a range of available medical personnel with matching qualifications and experience from our comprehensive database, – supported by our Leading-Edge IT team and Avant-guard IT system.

Recruitment Services Audit & Evaluation

To provide quality trained nurses and carers who are competent to meet the needs of our customers and their patients, our company has procedures in place to address quality assurance through audit and evaluation of the services that we provide, which helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses and to work on them for our professional development.

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